Therapy with Individuals

I work with people who are experiencing a variety of challenges. For example, perhaps you are completing your college degree and unsure of your future career path. You may be the first in your family to earn a college degree, or you may decide you don’t want to follow your family’s advice regarding career choice. You may be married and deciding whether you want to become parents. Or you are new parents adjusting to parenthood and the changes that accompany this phase of life. Perhaps you are edging closer to retirement and considering what the next phase of your life will look like. Or you are struggling with accepting your own advancing age or a diagnosis of a chronic illness.

These are examples of scenarios I consider to be transitions from a style of life that is known towards something unfamiliar.  Often when we move towards something unfamiliar without a clear roadmap, there is anxiety, or a sense of doubting or second guessing oneself. This is where the support of a psychotherapeutic relationship can be helpful. Our work will focus on discovering a path for the next phase of your life, whatever that may be. Change is possible.